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Advocate Art

More information on the illustration agency that represents me can be found here.  

Jefferson Franklin Editing

I highly recommend Tony Fyler and his team at Jefferson Franklin Editing. They give excellent feedback and expertise, which has assisted me greatly on my novels. You can even try out the service for free with a free sample chapter full edit here.  

Fyler Writes

Tony is an editor at Jefferson Franklin Editing, but is also a Fantasy Author. Among other work, he is writing the novels ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘Wonderful’. I have done freelance illustration work for Tony and his website can be found here.

Montefiore’s Goddaughter

Great book – check it out!

Abigail Crabtree’s imaginary world is precious to her; an escape from the waking world. That is until one wintry night, when a sinister horseman appears and threatens to wrest it from her in the name of the King of Traumund. Desperate to save her realm from asion, she turns to her godfather – the enchanting Mr Montefiore – for help.

Buy it here

Timeless Journey

Genre Electronic, Ambient, Instrumental, Dance: