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Updated a few things on here this week: uploaded and added another portfolio section and added information on the children’s books that are now published.

Also reorganised a lot of the images.

Will be updating more shortly!



Update Time

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Quick update: added more illustrations to my portfolio.

Very busy at the moment with project work and building my portfolio further.

Will update again soon!





Happy New Year!

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Hope you all have had a great Christmas and are enjoying the new year!

I’m incredibly happy to now be represented by Advocate Art www.advocate-art.com

I will be very busy building my portfolio further and really look forward to working with Advocate Art on their future projects.

My YA fantasy/horror novel Deathcat Sally will be released 21st January 2016 and I’ve been getting the marketing packs completed to send to reviewers and bloggers. If you’re a book reviewer/blogger and would be interested in reviewing the book or allowing me to post a guest post please get in touch.

I’ll be updating again soon!

Hope 2016 is great for you all.

seagull plane advocate

new year advocate art



Update and Etsy print store

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Update time!

Added some new work done for Colour Collective on Twitter and just set up a new Etsy store.

Please take a look through the shop menu link.


Signed prints and signed framed prints available.


Will be updating again soon 🙂



sea tiger guardian 1



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Update time once more!


Uploaded some more work done for Twitter #colour_collective and #pinchpunchpost, also finally created a proper Facebook page! Will be updating that account regularly, so please go ahead and check it out, thanks a lot 🙂

Getting prints and frames sorted for new Etsy print store which should be ready in the next few weeks – lots to do!

In between this will be reading through my cyborg guinea pig manuscript again and getting it ready to send to agents and publishers.

Will be adding more news soon 🙂




Update time

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Update time again!


Added several illustrations done for#colour collective on Twitter and also uploaded some new illustrations into sketchbook for #Daily Doodle on Twitter.

Been busy this week with commission work and will be working on portfolio further.


Will be updating again soon!



starfish cats


Update time again!

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It’s update time again!

Added several #colour_collectives to the portfolio section – some interesting colours over the last few weeks! Also on Twitter there’s another group illustration topic for the first of every month – this month it was a polar bear.

Busy time at work, but in between job stuff have been working out the story arc for my YA cyborg guinea pig trilogy. The first book is written and I’ll start the second this year. Lots to do!

Finally got around to seeing the Avengers and Mad Max, which were both good to see at the cinema. Two episodes left of Game of Thrones season 5 – look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Well, off for now, but will be updating again soon!









Update time

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Time for an update again!


Been very busy lately with getting portfolio up to date and continuing with the Twitter weekly Colour Collectives. There are a few new characters which I’d like to get into picture books: the three mice taking a stroll through the forest with firefly light to guide them, and Squirrel & Bear. More than anything, Squirrel wants to be a Flying Squirrel and his best friend Bear will do anything he can to get him into the air.

Also busy getting Sally marketing promo stuff together – it’s almost all together now.

This week I’ve been redrafting my cyborg guinea pig YA sci-fi/horror and am getting that to a stage to approach agents and publishers. Got to get the story of Jupiter the bionic guinea pig onto the shelf!

Big Summer movies are just around the corner and just started Game of Thrones again.

Will update again soon!







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Quick Blog update: added several new images to the Portfolio section – some from weekly Colour Collectives on Twitter and a few daily doodle ones too.

Also added a new page for Deathcat Sally with some info and images from the book. Will be updating this section with marketing material and other news soon.

That’s it for now, but will be adding more content soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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Blog update time!

Been super busy lately sorting through the website and splitting down work into sections. Should make the site faster and more efficient.

Uploaded more illustrations into the portfolio and am busy designing Deathcat Sally marketing and promotional material at the moment. Getting things like bookmarks, banner stands, postcards etc, lots to do!

Also keeping occupied with daily illustrations which I post on Twitter, including the weekly #Colour_collective illustration.

Be updating this blog soon!

Hope you enjoy looking through the site 🙂