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Latest news

Last three weeks I’ve been mainly focusing on building up my portfolio and concentrating on the weekly Colour Collective illustration event on Twitter – always a fun and inspiring way to spend a Friday night! It’s a really good way to see the talent of others and a great challenge.

Aside from that, been busy editing and implementing changes to my YA Fantasy/Horror Deathcat Sally. Been designing and ordering banner stands and display boards for promotion/marketing, and also designing postcards and bookmarks. Doing research into book fairs and conventions where stalls can be set up to sell books. Lots to do!

Job in video games is very busy at the moment, just passed an Alpha deadline. Beta next – game should be done by Summer.

Other than that, watched Star Wars Rebels (pretty good) and trying to get up to date before Episode VII is released – only 287 days to go 🙂

Right, back to illustrating! Will post more updates soon (promise!).