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Sketchbook 1

Teacher Tortoise

Rollerskating Turkey

Underwater Turkey

Robin & Fairies

Christmas Jumpers

10 Leaping Lords

Partridge & Treebeard

Totoro in winter

Gremlins Santa

Dance of the comets

Cats in the snow

Rubber Duck Truck

Waiting for Spring

Space-Time Portal Cats

Dumbledore and Fawkes

Butterfly Fairy

My Pet Fennec Fox

Gargantuan Guinea Pig

Orangutan & Ostrich

Neverending Story

Mermaid & Dolphin

Space Chicken & Lunar Lemurs

Young Mr Freeze

Bo Peep & Flying Sheep

Monkey with a Trumpet

Mouse playing a piano

Unicorns at the beach

Lion and his daughter

Squirrel & Bear & Lunar Lemurs

Batduck V Superduck

Squirrel with a balloon

Fox in Disguise

Polar Bear on a bike

Finding what was lost

Funky Monkey speedboat