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New Year post

By January 3, 2015Uncategorized

Weekly blog time!


Hope everyone had a great New Year. 2015 is here!

This week I’ve been uploading a few more comet illustrations to Twitter. Also being doing some more Deathcat Sally promo art too which you can see in the My Work section. Did another two cats in the snow illustration, which could turn into a series following their winter adventures.

Also had the first #Colour_Collective illustration even on Twitter. There is a different colour every week and illustrators can submit any theme with that colour being the most prominent. It was great to see the work of others and if you’d like to join in, I’d encourage it!

Just finished an illustration uploaded to Twitter called ‘Waiting for Spring’. After the snow and ice, it seems a way off, but it’ll soon come around 🙂

Back to work on Monday, but keep following on Twitter and checking back on this site for updates!